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    Bootlace Ferrules & Processing machines from Z&F

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    Quality Servicing & Repair from Cablespeed

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    New Haloblaze Heatshrink Processing

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    UK Leader in Ultrasonic metal welding solutions

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    Quality Applicators and fully Auto Cut Strip and Crimp Machines


CableSpeed The UK Leader for wire and cable stripping & crimping equipment

Welcome to the Cablespeed Website. Over 30 years experience supplying the wire processing industry with quality & affordable automation, we provide a one stop solution to all your wire processing requirements. including wire cut & strip machine, cable stripping equipment, crimping presses, wire marking, cable pre-feeders, bootlace ferruling machines, bootlace ferrules, cable processing, wire cut strip &crimp machines, heat shrink processing equipment, ultrasonic metal weldling machines and much much more…

Working in partnership with some of the largest suppliers of cable preparation production equipment, Artos cut and strip machines cut strip and crimp, Branson, ultrasonic metal welding, Amtech, Z&F, bootlace ferruling machines, WDT, crimping presses, Tekuwa, cable cutting & stripping machines, Loepfe, hot stamp wire marking, Imaje wire marking, Ramatech, heavy duty cable stripping and pre-feeding , Kodera, cut & strip machines , Klauke, Ulmer de-reelers etc., Cablespeed  Ltd offer the widest and most extensive range of both new and used equipment tailored to suit your budget and application.

As a ‘Customer Service’ orientated company our experienced sales & service team are always on hand to give technical advice. Why not call now to arrange a site visit from one of our sales team.

Please give us a call if you have any used cable preparation equipment you wish to sell - Schleuniger machines  - GLW bootlace ferruling machine - Ulmer - Tekuwa cut to length machines - Komax cut & strip machine - Kodera cut & strip machines -Artos wire processing equipment etc… 


Latest Installation! Fully Loaded Artos CR-22, Wire, Cut, Strip, Twist, Flux, Tin & Terminate System

Latest Installation! Fully Loaded Artos CR-22, Wire, Cut, Strip, Twist, Flux, Tin & Terminate System

Another successful installation from Cablespeed. The UK leaders in Fully Automatic Wire Cut, Strip & Crimp Machines. With over 30 years experience we can supply the perfect tailored solution to your application.
Once again Cablespeed provided a fully integrated solution to allow our customer the maximum flexibility without compromising price.

This Artos CR-22 CST machine enables our customer to instantly switch from double end crimping to double end wire twist, flux and tin without a lengthy setup procedure. The machine comes with integrated quality control functions including crimp force monitoring, Qualification function which requires the operator…

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