Branson Ultraweld L20 Ultrasonic metal bonding system (20 kHZ)

Ultraweld® L20 System

Ultrasonic welding

Branson’s Ultraweld® L20 system is designed and built to assure you the highest degree of reliability and weld quality. Branson Ultrasonics Corporation is the world leader in ultrasonic metal joining. We have partnered with industries in many markets including, photovoltaic, medical, automotive, battery, refrigeration, electrical and appliance. Our many years of experience have given us a broad base of applications knowledge. Ultrasonic metal welding provides our customers with a sound solution, superior performance, improved throughput, and reduced maintenance. Branson welding systems are designed and built to ensure the highest degree of reliability and weld quality. The Branson Ultraweld 20 system offers the following features:

  • A precision roller bearing slide to assure smooth operation and extreme accuracy.
  • Precise adjustments for accurate setting of both upper and lower positive stops.
  • Conveniently located flow controls offering easy adjustment of head speed in both directions.
  • A polar mounted ultrasonic stack to facilitate linear and axial setup and efficient transmission of ultrasonic energy to the horn.
  • Titanium horns with low cost replaceable tips or solid tool steel horns for fast setup and minimum tooling cost.
  • Fixturing which is changed quickly and easily for various applications by means of a dovetail mounting.
  • Optional vortex cooling to allow high-speed operation without heat buildup.
  • Ultraweld® L20 – 20 kHz Welding System rugged and easily tooled for a wide range of nonferrous welding applications

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